• Apollo Hospital
    Project: Apollo Hospital Group, various places in India
    Project Info: Apollo Hospital group, Asia’s largest private hospital group has over 35 hospitals throughout India and Asia. Our consulting team has been designing HVAC systems for several Apollo group hospitals throughout India for the last few decades. HVAC systems designed vary from regular air-conditioning for general hospital areas to 100% fresh air systems for operation theaters, ICUs, isolation rooms, testing laboratories with special focus on filtration levels, indoor air quality, treatment of micro-organisms and patient health.  
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  • Super Specialty Hospital, Thirumala Thirupathi
    Project: Super Specialty Hospital, Thirumala Thirupathi
    Area: 66,150 sq ft
    Project Info: The 400TR cooling load of this renowned service hospital in the foothills of the legendary Hindu temple is catered by multiple water-cooled reciprocating chillers. Special design features include 100% fresh air units for the operation theaters with high efficency filtration systems filtering up to 0.3 microns, Design highlights include special air distribution designs for their cardiology, microbiology, neurology, radiology blocks and patient rooms to filter microorganisms and maintain superior indoor air quality.  
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  • CDC, Tambaram
    Project: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Tambaram
    Client: CDC (U.S.A) and Apollo Hospitals Group
    Area: 12,000 sq ft
    Project Info: The CDC is a US government federal agency instituted for protecting the health and safety of people world-wide. A joint venture between CDC and Apollo Hospitals, the CDC Tambaram laboratory is a high-tech, first of its kind in India with exclusive facilities and requirements.
    Air-conditioning systems for the HIV Micro Lab and the TB Testing Room constitute distinctive designs for air distribution, filtration and negative pressurization systems in accordance with the stringent ASHRAE and CDC requirements.
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