• Hyundai Motor India Ltd, Sriperumbadur
    Project: Hyundai Motor India Ltd, Sriperumbadur
    Client:HLAND & Co
    Area: Over 250,000 sq. ft
    Project Info: This largest Hyundai car manufacturing facility outside South Korea has advanced specialized air-conditioning and ventilation systems taking care of the high internal and cooling loads. 200TR of multiple air-cooled reciprocating chillers cater to the office areas and R&D centers. Independent and specially designed roof ventilation and exhaust systems have been provided to the Paint shop, Body shop, Press shop and Assembly shop areas to ensure comfortable working conditions for all factory workers in these areas.  
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  • Ford Motors, Maraimalainagar
    Project: Ford Motors, Maraimalainagar
    Area: 150,000 sq. ft
    Project Info: With an air-conditioning cum ventilation area of over 150,000 sq. ft., the Ford motors manufacturing facility outside Chennai is one of the largest auto-engineering plants in the city. With a enormous ventilation load of over 1 million cmh, the assembly, body and paint shops ventilation system design incorporates sophisticated supply and exhaust roof ventilation systems in addition to the regular ventilation systems.  
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  • TATA BP Solar Ltd., Bangalore
    Project: TATA BP Solar Ltd., Bangalore
    Area: 22,500 sq. ft.
    Project Info: One of the largest photovoltaic and solar module manufacturing facility in the world, the Tata BP Solar facility is a state-of-the art technology center in Bangalore focusing on renewable solar energy products. The HVAC design of this center incorporates over 200TR of multiple water-cooled screw chilling packages in association with energy efficient pumps and air handling and air distribution systems.  
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  • Sundaram Finance Limited, Chennai
    Project: Sundaram Finance Limited, Chennai
    Area: 42,000 sq. ft
    Project Info: The HVAC requirements for the Sundaram Finance corporate office building is supplied by two numbers of 150TR of air-cooled screw chilling packages with high efficiency chilled water pumps and piping systems. The air distribution is provided by more than 30 double skin air handling units coupled with low noise air distribution systems.  
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  • MRF
    Project: MRF Tyres, various locations
    Project Info: HVAC design has been completed for many of the manufacturing facilities of MRF Tyres, India’s leading tyre manufacturer. Designs implemented include special refrigeration systems for their Splice tables, low humidity systems for Creel Room facilities and air-conditioning equipment for their tyre building areas of their Arakonam, Goa, Medak and Pondicherry facilities.  
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