• Spencers Plaza, Chennai
    Project: Spencers Plaza, Chennai
    Client: Mangal Thirth Estates Ltd
    Area: 10.85 lakhs sq ft.
    Project Info: Spencer Plaza, a landmark building in Chennai is one of the city’s finest shopping and office complexes. With 2750 TR of air-conditioning, the design includes multiple water-cooled centrifugal chillers coupled with uniquely designed air distribution and building automation systems for the shopping areas. The office blocks are catered by a combination of water-cooled centrifugal chillers and air-cooled screw chillers.  
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  • Chennai Trade Center, Chennai
    Project: Chennai Trade Center, Chennai
    Area: 66280 sq. ft
    Project Info: Chennai Trade Center is India’s largest Trade complex with multipurpose convention center and exhibition halls. The 540 TR air-conditioning load is taken care of by a combination of air-cooled Screw and Reciprocating chillers working in tandem with latent thermal energy storage systems.  
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  • Jawaharlal Nehru Indoor Stadium
    Project: Jawaharlal Nehru Indoor Stadium, SAF Games Stadium, Hockey Stadium, Indoor Tennis Stadium and Indoor Aquatics Stadium, Chennai
    Client: Sports Development Authority of Tamil Nadu
    Area: Over 150,000 sq. ft
    Project Info: Air-conditioning design for these contemporary landmark stadiums in Chennai vary from air-cooled reciprocating chillers to multi split packaged air-conditioners. The HVAC systems were designed specifically taking into consideration the huge occupancy levels and lighting loads in these stadiums.  
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  • Gwalior Trade Center, Gwalior
    Project: Gwalior Trade Center, Gwalior
    Area: 25,000 sq. ft
    Project Info: The M.P. Export Facilitation Center in Gwalior is a modern trade center complex accommodating more than 500 people. The cooling load of 150 TR is provided for by two numbers 45TR reciprocating chillers working in tandem with thermal energy storage systems. The design involves high efficiency air handling and treated fresh air units in combination with effective air distribution and acoustical systems.  
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  • Pothys Textiles Complex, Chennai
    Project: Pothys Textiles Complex, Chennai
    Area: 80,000 sq. ft
    Project Info: One of the largest textile complexes in the heart of Chennai, the Pothys Textiles building has an air-conditioning requirement of 900 TR that is provided for by water-cooled screw chiller packages. Specific design considerations have been taken into account to ensure that the HVAC system design adequately addresses the high occupancy, lighting and internal loads requirements.  
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