• Standard Chartered
    Project: Standard Chartered Grindlays Bank, Chennai
    Client: SCOPE International, Chennai
    Area: 180,760 sq f
    Project Info: The SCOPE International division of Standard Chartered Bank in Chennai currently services more than 35 country operations of the Bank. This multi-storied building located in the heart of Chennai is the Group’s second largest hub worldwide with a floor area of more than 180,000 sq ft. The total air-conditioning load is served by over 500TR of chilling packages coupled with ice thermal storage system. Special HVAC design considerations include precision temperature and humidity controlled units for critical server and switching system operations.  
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  • Reserve Bank of India, Trivandrum
    Project: Reserve Bank of India, Trivandrum
    Client: Government of India
    Area: 100,000 sq ft
    Project Info: The Reserve Bank of India regional office at Trivandrum spanning 100,000 sq. ft is cooled by a combination of over 400TR of centrifugal chilling packages and reciprocating chilling packages. Special system considerations have been taken into account for designing effective air handling and air distribution systems for this RBI building housing more than 2000 staff members.  
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  • IOB
    Project: Indian Overseas Bank, various locations in Chennai
    Area: Over 100,000 sq. ft
    Project Info: HVAC design has been carried out for several of the IOB premises in and around Chennai. The systems designed vary from multiple air-cooled split packaged units to water-cooled reciprocating chilling packages and air-cooled screw chilling packages based on the specific cooling load and site requirements.  
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  • American Express Bank and Card Division, Chennai
    Project: American Express Bank and Card Division, Chennai
    Area: 15,000 sq. ft.
    Project Info: The AMEX premises in Chennai is a state-of-the-art banking and processing facility located in Spencers Plaza. The cooling load of 120TR is catered by roof mounted reciprocating chillers. The enormous internal load and the criticality of maintaining specific temperature and humidity conditions for the server and others computing areas have warranted special standby and adaptable measures in the air-conditioning system design to ensure optimal and effective operations.  
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