• Tidel Park
    Project: TIDEL PARK, Chennai
    Client: Joint venture of TIDCO and ELCOT, Tamil Nadu
    Area: 685,000 sq. ft
    Project Info: TIDEL Park is the largest state-of-the-art Intelligent IT building in India with 6000 tons of Cooling load shared by 3000 tons of screw chillers and 24000 ton hours of latent thermal storage system. A completely automated building, the TIDEL Park has hundreds of comfort and precision air handlers coupled with modern air distribution and building automation systems. With over 15000 building occupants in the building, the enormous fresh air requirement is taken care of by advanced heat recovery systems that ensure superior indoor air quality for all occupants. Ventilation system design includes dedicated stairwell and liftwell pressurizations systems, floor booster fan systems and car park ventilation systems.  
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  • Ebene Cyber Tower
    Project: Ebene Cyber Tower, Cybercity, Mauritius
    Client: Government of Mauritius
    Area: 310,000 sq. ft
    Project Info: The first of its kind in Mauritius, the Cyber Tower in the awe inspiring island of Mauritius is a unique multi-storied IT services complex. The air-conditioning requirement of this 3000-occupant tower is catered to by 920 TR of air-cooled screw chiller packages working in tandem with 2438 ton hours of latent energy storage systems. The HVAC system design encompasses environmental-friendly and energy-efficient systems that work to preserve the natural ecology of the island.  
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  • Ascendas
    Project: Ascendas International Technology Park, Chennai
    Client: ASCENDAS, Singapore
    Area: 600,000 sq. ft
    Project Info: The International Tech Park in Chennai is a flag ship project of Ascendas, Asia’s leading provider of total business space solutions. Phase 1 of this project is a 11-storey Grade A business space ideal for IT companies, call centers, software, data center and R&D operations. The 600,000 sq ft area with a peak occupancy load of over 10,000 professionals is cooled by over 2000 TR of air-cooled screw chiller packages with hundreds of air handling units and treated fresh air units. With Phase II and III design underway, this IT park will develop to be come the single largest IT facility in Chennai till date with over 2,000,000 sq. ft of build-to-suit area.  
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