We recognize that building your project requires a large team of people and coordination among this team is absolutely vital. Our consulting group's invaluable experience from handling projects with diverse architect and engineering teams would definitely make this process a lot less demanding for you and your organization. Working together, establishing relationships, maintaining impartiality and being thoroughly professional and fair have always been our dictum.

Typically, a project can take anywhere from 3 to 12 months or even more for completion depending on its nature and scale. Here's how our consulting team can guide you and your organization through every stage of that process:

:: DESIGN ::

After the initial discussions and based on the feedback from the client as well as the architect and engineering team, we will adjust, refine and develop the detailed HVAC and building system design. Once the final layouts are finalized, we will prepare the full-fledged design drawings in addition to the related design documents.

:: TENDER ::

In this stage, we will prepare the project for tender. We will create a comprehensive tender document with complete technical specifications and carefully calculated bill of materials. The project will then go out for tender which selected contractors will bid for the job. You may also nominate one or more contractors that you wish to include in the tender process. We believe in an impartial and transparent process, which will give you the best value for the job, under the prevailing market conditions.


Once the contract has been finalized, the installation/erection phase will begin. We will conduct regular site meetings and closely monitor and supervise the works carried out by the contractor. At every stage, our team will work extra hours to ensure that all the requirements as per the tender design have been implemented and that they are effective.


Finally once the installation is complete, we will begin review of the handing over process by the contractor. This includes holding inspections of all the work carried out by the contractor and close monitoring of his verification and commissioning procedures. This process of validation is conducted by us to ensure that the systems installed are indeed providing all the deliverables as set forth in the initial tender design.

Our involvement does not end with the completion of the project. We continuously monitor the project and the systems installed and make sure that all of the client's post-warranty concerns are satisfactorily addressed by the contractor. Our consulting team will consistently be in touch with project maintenance crew to help fine tune the systems and guide them while making system modifications as need arises.

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